Audi Global Graduate Program

Would you like to start your career as a trainee at Audi and get an overview of the entire company? Would you like to experience the collaboration between the VW Group brands and gain international experience? Would you like to benefit from an excellent interdisciplinary network, a multifaceted competence development as well as a comprehensive mentoring concept from members of the management? – Then the Audi Global Graduate Program is just right for you!

Inspired by Vorsprung, empowered by You

The perfect career start

Our program is the perfect start for your career at Audi. Not only will you receive a deep insight into the company but also profit from an excellent network and the diverse curriculum. During the program you will be mentored and guided – personally and technically. Right from the start, you will receive an unlimited employment contract. We have summarized the highlights of the program here.

18 months duration in up to 5 relevant departments fitting your target position including a project abroad. Opportunity to choose a project in another VW group brand or one of the progressive Audi Start-up and Spin Off businesses Comprehensive Mentoring Concept: Independent mentoring and coaching from a member of the Audi management guiding you through your trainee program. Technical feedback from the department lead during your projects. Support from a trainee welcome tutor for your first weeks at Audi. Sophisticated integrated Competence Development: Gain new skills with our competence development framework including assignments in the production, customer care, digitalization and many more. Take the opportunity to encourage your personal and professional growth. Teambuilding and interdisciplinary Network: Built up your own interdisciplinary network for your future job position during your projects. Get to know the Audi and VW Group Trainee community. Be part of exclusive networking events with the top management.

Program Elements

Onboarding and Graduation Week
Starting with a week full of relevant information about Audi, the company structures, strategies and your personal organisation and ending your program with reflecting and team building with other trainees.

Outside the box
Get some hands-on experience through modules on the production line, the canteens as well as the vehicle delivery.

Networking opportunities
Regular chats with members of the Board of Management, top management or Alumni give you the chance to get to know their view of the company.

Trainee Day
The monthly trainee day allows you to attend lectures and workshops and to discuss ideas with other participants in various exciting areas of the company.

Working groups
You will work in different working groups on topics outside your specialist areas such as in creating the trainee newsletter, consulting other departments or organizing networking events and corporate social responsibility projects.

Agile and digital week
Get yourself qualified within digital and agile competencies.

Starting in one of our strategic job fields

You can choose your personal thematic focus out of our strategic job fields and become an expert for different issues.

Product and Technology

Product and Technology

Define new products out of the customers perspective, find an optimal market introduction date and coordinate the whole variety of development departments. You will actively design technical innovations starting from the first concept sketch until the end of production. See your component or function get implemented in brand new Audi vehicles leaving the assembly line.

Work in agile teams and design our future development processes. If this appeals to you – this job field suits best!

IT, Processes, Digitalization

IT, Processes, Digitalization

The world is constantly changing. We are facing more and more complex challenges in an increasingly networked world. Are you interested to work on the future IT infrastructure and processes that will impact all areas of the company?

Do you want to utilize the opportunities of digitalization and convert data into valuable insights? Then this is the right job field for you.

Market, Finance and HR

Market, Finance and HR

Procurement, marketing, sales, finance and HR are essential fields of our company. This includes the search for suitable suppliers or service providers, the design of convincing advertising, the analysis of customer needs, the control of development budgets, but also the search, support and development of employees. This is only a fraction of the available assignment pool of the job field Market, Finance and HR.

Does this sound attractive and interesting to you? Then this job field will suit your ambitions!


What is important to us:
We are looking for people who are open-minded and curious, who optimistically face changes und want to work in an international, diverse team. Employees who unlock their full potential within their team. Who set high standards for themselves to make things better and demonstrate willingness to fill Vorsprung with life, every day again. Who want to take responsibility for their work, for Audi, for society, and for the future.


  • University graduates preferably with master's degree with above-average academic performance
  • Minimum of three months of international experience during your academic program through internships or a semester abroad 
  • Practical experience of at least six months through relevant internships
  • Fluent English (as well as knowledge of another language if English is your native language, preferably German)
  • Relevant extra-curricular commitment

Personal competences

  • Passion for future mobility solutions
  • Bring in your global mindset in an innovative and digital work environment
  • Living integrity has a top priority to you
  • Open-minded personality and willingness to change perspective, adapt to new environment, dare to change 

Start of the program

The program starts twice a year in April and October.

Are you looking forward to being part of the new Audi Global Graduate Program? The next starting date is April 2022.


FAQs on the application process

More details

FAQs on the application process

How does the application process work?

Please hand in your written application via the Audi job portal. If your qualifications are convincing, you will be invited to a personal interview.

The interview will take place via Skype or MS Teams (via camera if agreed) with a recruiter and a representative from the specialist department.

The further process will include an online Assessment Center via MS Teams.

The AC takes about 1.5 hours; further information for the AC will follow with an invitation to it.

How long are positions advertised?

Be prepared. Apply quickly. The application phase runs for a maximum of two weeks.

What are the requirements for an application?

A successfully completed university program (Master’s degree preferred) with above-average academic performance is needed.

Is it possible to apply if you have not yet completed your degree?

Prerequisite is a completed bachelor’s degree at the beginning of the program.

Can I apply for the AGGP as an international applicant?

International applicants are warmly welcome.

Can I also apply if I already have work experience?

The program is primarily aimed at graduates but can also help young professionals kick-start a career at Audi.

How important is a knowledge of German?

Basic knowledge of German is an advantage.

More tips

Convince us with your professionally written application why you are exactly the right person for this position.

Show us your personality, be yourself, and convince us with your strengths.

Our trainees introduce themselves

Two participants in our Audi Global Graduate Program talk about their experiences and their motivation.

Siwei comes from China. Marcos is from Brazil. Both are enthusiastic about the program because it will open a lot of doors for them.  For Siwei, the decisive factor was the maxim that we live by here at Audi: “Some call it work, we call it passion”. She feels this passion every day in the company. Both greatly appreciate the fact that, during the program, they can experience different departments within the company.

Siwei, China

Siwei, China

“Passion is the key. I sense this spirit every day in the company. People at Audi work with a real passion, that's not just a phrase on a website. This attitude impressed me very much.“

More details

Work with passion

Siwei, China

A single sentence on the Audi website was enough for Siwei to make her decision: "Some call it work, we call it passion." Years ago, Siwei from China read this headline on the Audi website. "The phrase fascinated me from the very beginning. We all spend a big part of our lives working. We should use this time and work on something that we really do with passion."

"Passion is the key. I sense this spirit every day in the company. People at Audi work with a real passion, that's not just a phrase on a website. This attitude impressed me very much. My personal highlight up until now was my time in production, when I was actually helping to build our automobiles. Everyone in the company is working to design, build, improve and market these products. It was a great experience to be so close to the product."

Siwei carries this passion over to the Audi Graduate Program. She manages and organizes some of the activities the trainees do. "It is very inspiring for me to get to know all these people with their different cultural backgrounds. We spend our free time together and we work together. Trainees with their international background approach problem solving in very different ways. The Audi Graduate Program awards us all with the opportunity to learn from each other." She felt an initial shyness, that she has long since abandoned. "At first I was very uncertain about moving to Germany and being alone in a completely new environment. Since then I have learned that cultural differences and diversity are very important and I have become a proud ambassador of my culture. I see my role as a bridge between China and Germany and I hope that I can do a lot to ensure that the cooperation between both cultures succeeds."

Marcos, Brazil

Marcos, Brazil

“Audi opens many doors. We have the opportunity to spend time with members of the board and talk to them as part of the program. We get many opportunities like this to exchange with other people and network cross-hierarchically.“

More details

Rapid integration

Marcos, Brazil

Marcos from Brazil is a rookie in the Audi Graduate Program, but he is already a veteran of Audi and the topic of cultural diversity. "Years ago, I did an internship at Audi Brazil. My studies focused on cultural differences and since my youth most of my friends have had an international background. Moving to Germany was not a cultural shock for me," says Marcos with a bright smile. "My previous experience is an advantage and I feel well prepared for everything. I work in human resources and it’s important to know how to work and communicate with people from the beginning."

His enthusiasm for the program shows: "Audi offers great opportunities. We all start with an initial integration week and different courses about this topic, then there is the trainee day and suddenly you realize how fast a group of strangers already has become a community. Audi makes it all possible. We also have the opportunity to spend time with members of the board and talk to them as part of the program. We get many opportunities like this to exchange with other people and network cross-hierarchical. The program opens many doors for us."

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